Allyson Faith

“It is the stories influenced by the past which give us the eyes in the present to be hopeful for the future.”

A. Faith, Author

Ships and Silhouettes

In this far away land, you’ll find challenge and beauty that’ll inspire you to grow. - A. Faith

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“Ships and Silhouettes” is about a fierce young female caught between her father's sins of the past and her dreams for the future.

In “Ships and Silhouettes”, author Allyson Faith spins a thrilling nautical tale filled with riveting action, fantasy-fiction elements, and a touch of horror. Rosquevalarian is an unforgettable new heroine who will captivate readers as she fights to save her family and handle the secrets lurking behind her heritage. By losing it all, she learns who she is, and that may just be worth everything.

By the end of the book, you'll be on the edge of your seat as Rosquevalarian's thrilling nautical journey reaches its climatic conclusion. The mysteries of the perfect chief's imperfect past will be laid bare. Unexpected betrayals, tragic revelations, and epic battles on sea and land will unfold before your very eyes. Rosquevalarian's world will be forever changed as she faces her ultimate test, and the fate of her people hangs in the balance. Ships and Silhouettes delivers a reading experience you won't soon forget!

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Allyson Faith – Hey there, I’m the author behind ‘Ships and Silhouettes’.

I've dreamed of being an author ever since I was a little girl, and I pursued my passion for writing through earning a BA in English Language Arts at the University of North Texas. My studies also led me to become a certified teacher, which further fueled my love of telling stories.

With the release of Ships and Silhouettes, I'm embarking on an exciting new chapter as a published author. My goal is to transport readers to vivid lands filled with riveting adventures. If I can leave a lasting impact through my imaginative tales, then I'll feel I've succeeded in following my dreams. I aspire to be remembered one day as one of the greatest fantasy writers of my generation. This is just the beginning of my literary voyage!

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Main Characters

Rosquevalarian Ishel - The daughter of nobility.

Adopted daughter and biological niece of the island chief, the hot-tempered, beautiful fighter wants nothing more than respect… and an adventure.

As a young adult, Rosca dreams of earning respect through tests of courage like her father. When the opportunity comes, however, it’s her family who pays. Will her own pride and guilt drown out her dreams before she even gets a chance? Or is that foolish confidence just what she needs to survive?

Fuerzalin - The warrior from outside.

The upcoming boxing star of Nileal wants nothing more than to create his own future. When duty plunges him back in to the world of his past, he must figure out how to trick fate.

Young, mysterious, and attractive, Lin captures the attention of many in Nileal, even if his ugly temper soon washes away the respect. But when it's time to do what's right, he grits his teeth and sets to work. Soon, he discovers that this time, sheer determination isn't enough, and his best strategies are failing. Is doing what's right really worth it when the world bets against you?

  1. Rosquevalarian Ishel

    The daughter of nobility.

  2. Fuerzalin

    The warrior from outside.

  3. Obedium “Dium” Ishel

    The home defender.

  4. Deb Rez

    The chief.

Obedium “Dium” Ishel - The home defender.

At nineteen, Dium has stabilized his world with hard work, focus, and minor illegality. But relationships have a funny way of rocking the boat. Soon, he's sailing to certain death, stuck in the middle of hot-tempers and sea monsters. All that's left is to protect his family and die trying. Or could he still find a future in the unknown?

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